Color and mood

Look at the photos below separately. How do they make you feel? Discuss in the comments.
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Pallet drawer?

Lately my favorite pallet had been a drawer from the bin I keep my paints in. When I'm done with a neat looking color I just spread it out. The plastic does not sick to the paint, the idea is I will peel the skin and use it in other projects when it is ready.

Do you have a favorite repurposed item?

Water Miscible Oils

I really enjoy oil paint. That being said I don’t really paint in oils. This is because I am not a fan of the solvents and rarely is my workspace equipped with the proper ventilation. I aspire to do more work outside but that lends to it’s own set of issues not the least of which being dependant on the weather and my skins complicated relationship with the sun.

Now though (probably before now but I just got around to really looking into it) Water Miscible Oils are not just a thing. They are a professional grade, works just like regular oils yet cleans up with soap and water when wet kind of a thing. I will have to start squirreling away some funds and time to experiment with them and see if I dig them as much as I suspect I might.