Being busy is no excuse

I have been busy lately. It’s summertime so busy is not strange or unexpected. Neither is this me complaining about being busy. Continue reading “Being busy is no excuse”


Glitter Gradient in Grey on Glass

Since acquiring Multi-surface decoupage (or magic elixir as I call it) I have been a little obsessed. There are so many possibilities! I want to try them all! Here begins my quest to mine the uses of this substance. One idea at a time. This is my first tutorial, I hope you enjoy it. Please let me know what you think and any suggestions you have in the comments.
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Brush jars made with love

My cousin and her husband gave me some vases from their wedding reception. Their wedding and the whole week leading up to it was filled with awesome time with family and memories I will cherish forever. That sounds wicked cheesy but I mean it, I had such a blast with both our and the grooms family.
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The dress (before)

Plain chocolate brown maxi dress with a solid inner layer and a sheer matte outer layer.

This is what it looks like now.

Time to cut

Purchased new scissors for this project because old fabric scissors are not to be trusted.

The major cuts are all done. It is ready  for trappings and trimmings. Aka- the fun part… pictures to come!