If we were having coffee

I recently read a post about #weekendcoffeeshare and I really love the idea. Since I do not keep a regular weekly schedule my coffee share posts will not necessarily fall on the weekend but I will try to do one once a month at least.

Today if we were sharing a cup of coffee (or tea or whatever beverage you prefer). After asking you about your day, I would probably talk about my new hair cut.

My hair has been between arm pit length with bangs, and the length you see here since I was little
I wish I had done this year's ago, though it will be a while before it looks this neat again I'm sure.

See the photos taken at the salon: Before and After. Also look at the Instagram portfolio of my hair designer Shawna Here. Her talent across a diverse selection of cuts and styles is what convinced me I could take the plunge at giving a short style a try.

This is my first attempt at styling the new do. I think I will get the hang of it now that I have procured a small round brush and the products my hair designer recommended.

Surprisingly enough I had none of the tools for styling short hair. The next few weeks are going to be about practicing the basic style and experimenting to see what does and does not work as far as securing it out of my face for work and the gym.

There is a lot about many of my routines that I will need to change but I believe it will be worth it. I feel great about the new hair and am looking forward to many other changes taking place over the rest of 2016. Have another cup and we will talk again soon.

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