The BALC class sponsored by B’Sue Boutiques is coming to an end. The knowledge we have gathered from Brenda and each other I believe will continue to bolster each of our creative paths. I know for myself the informatiom about cohesion, supply chains, inventory, scheduling and so much more has taken a major burden off my shoulders. Thank you Brenda for offering this great class.

Speaking of weight off my shoulders. My hair (that was so long I was sitting on it often)can no longer get in the way while I am trying to create. Now on to the reveal! I hope you are as excited as I am.
Y Shaped necklace. Hands are in everything

The theme I chose based on visual stimulus received at my day job was significantly more broad than I had anticipated. Once I started mapping it out with my mind mapping software (thank you high school science teachers for pushing me to develop that skill) ideas for “Sparkles and Steel Toes” came flooding in.

Dangling earrings. Captured crystal hands.

I had to accept that for my class micro line I could not go in more than one direction and still hope to present cohesion. The elements in these five pieces are symbolic of things and people I encounter when I am lucky enough to see the inside of one of the breathtakingly beautiful theaters here in Boston.

Mid length convertible necklace/bracelet. Focal hands

Many of the stampings at B’sue resemble the interior architecture inside a theater. The iced enamels color antique ivory, the dark metals and of course the black are colors I think of when I think about the unpolished parts of a theater.

Earrings. I really need to practice my jewelry photography. These are so much cooler in person. The stamping is colored with iced enamel and distressed with ink. Silver glitter peeks through the negative space of the brass filigree. A single faceted citrine teardrop hangs from a loop of antique bronze colored seed beads. Everything is tied together by an industrial looking gunmetal jump ring to a lever back earwire also in gunmetal.

The hand stampings represent all the many people I have come to know and respect whose hard work goes into all aspects of a show. I smile at the Ivory enameled hands. It reminds me of the plaster color and the people whom may as well of been installed with the foundations of these venues as if they are part of the architecture themselves.

This choker length necklace is my final piece in my Sparkles and Steel Toes micro line.

Tubular net stitching is a symbol of how every little tiny part (like the seed beads) comes together to make something more significant than the parts themselves.

Here is the convertible piece as a bracelet.

Sparkling faceted crystals and semi precious stones to me are the end product, they are the shiny things that the world sees. (Also can you really think of theater without thinking crystal chandeliers?) There are other references as well but these I believe are the main ones.

The backs of my pieces are all colored black. As many things that are not facing the audience are. All metal components in this line have been coated with ice resin to prevent skin reaction and to protect the finishes.
Here is a more complete view of the Y Shaped necklace.

I hope you will enjoy looking at the hard work of my classmates and our instructor Brenda of B’sue Boutiques. Happy hopping!

1. Brenda Sue Lansdowne  Jewelry Making Outside the Box

2. Diana Buynak  –  Butterfly Emporium Ceramic Studio

3. Irene Hoffman  – Heartsdezirebyirene

4. Clare Wells Nemeth  – Creative Magick

5. Mary Reckmeyer –  Afrayedknot

6. Marcia Tuzzolino  – Aurora Designs

7. Elizabeth Wilks – Wearable Art by Lizzie

8. ♡ YOU ARE HERE ♡Jeanette Rose Belmont – One Canvas at a time

9. Lyn Joy Reeve – A Journey from Jewels to Jubilation

10. Belinda Reed-Ingle  – Vogue Rocks

11. Beth Trubman – The Journey of Jewelry

12. Carole Carlson – Beadsophisticate

13. Jann Tague – Clever Designs by Jann

14. Shari Gardner – SLG Jewelry Designs

15. Susan Bolton – Fern’s Place

16. Chris Kemp – NoodlePie Bracelets
Metamorphosis, my Line is Born.

17. Susan Bowerman – Woodside WireWorks

18. Pamela Anger – Novegatti Designs

19. Joan Donovan – Hailey’s Cottage

20. Alison Huie – Ally’s Baubles

21. Sharon Palac – Sharon’s Jewelry Garden

22. Erica Olmos – Beeb’s Closet

23. Erin Whitacre – Shattered Time Jewelry

24. Fran Sitton – Sitton Up Front

25. Ginger Hammond – Lynn Leigh Designs

26. Paula Gaskill – Lovely LaylaBug Jewels

27. Mary Katherine – The Rose Sword

28. Renee Webb Allen – Small Stuff Design

29. Valerie Tilghman- ArtJewelsandGifts

30. Chris Cravens Vintage Cravens

31. Leslie Carver

32. Donna Parry, JewelryDonna

33. Gina-Marie Hammer – Tangles, Twists and Treasures

34.  Kelly Wymer  Winged Wisdom Enchantments


25 thoughts on “BUILD A LINE CHALLENGE BLOG HOP #3 The final reveal

  1. I just loved the mix of your beaded components mixed withe iced enamels and the hands a simply elegant line. Love it!


  2. Jeanette, your line is so very well done. What a great tribute to life in the theater! I love the hands and the finish on your pieces with white and glitter is beautiful. A wonderful collection!


  3. You really have made me think about being in a theater. It must be awesome to have that perspective from backstage too. The hands absolutely speak as to all of the hard work that goes on in a production! Great job 🙂


  4. Your line is cool and edgy – and your beading is awesome! Thanks for sharing your wonderful work with us!


  5. I enjoyed your blog and how you relate people and the theater to your jewelry. When I looked at it and thought about it I could see it. Jeanette I absolutely love your bead stitching, a form of art I hope to learn one day. Your theme line makes room for more sublines, I could see something portraying the Cabaret with vintage rhinestones, crystals, rows and rows of pearls! I’m so sorry I’m getting carried away! Anywhoo you have a great line!


  6. Really well thought out line Jeanette! I liked how you mixed your beadweaving in. That takes allot of extra hard work. I think you definitely got the feel of the theatre!


  7. How unique. I really like the earrings – all the different textures. I also really liked the choker you made by stringing ribbon through the holes in the stamping. Quite clever!


  8. Your jewelry designs are lovely and detailed. I love the way you threaded the ribbon through the necklace, and your use of crystals. I wish you continued success in all you do. All the best! JewelryDonna


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