I made the cut

I have been accepted to the Build a Line Challenge  (BALC) Master class, sponsored by B’Sue Boutiques .

I came to know some of the January 2015 class participants online and have learned much from them already. I joined the creative group on Facebook. If your into jewelry and enjoy interacting with other creatively minded creatures (there is a large cat/dog helper population) I recommend that you consider requesting here.

I will not be working on my tree themed jewelry in the class. (I do plan to keep working on it outside of class but we will see how much time I have left after homework is done) There are already enough nature focused designers.  I am not remotely bothered by this. I see this as a perfect opportunity to explore one of my many other ideas for jewelry. What exactly will my theme be? I have been sworn to secrecy until the revealing blog assignments. The class starts January 5, 2016. If you’re curious keep an eye out for the BALC category that will appear once the assignments begin. You can also learn more about the class by clicking the badge in my sidebar.

I am very excited about this class and cannot wait to begin. Right now I am filling my sketch book with ideas to try and get a jump start on my inspiration.


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