The Geek Garden

This is the first of a series of posts spotlighting other artists I am a fan of. There are many, I will aim to talk about one every month.

This first one has been around making clothes for over ten years, I just became aware of her wares while searching for a bathing suit top to hit the beach and maybe do some painting without the typical nasty sunburn on my shoulders and chest. I would usually wear layers but when it is hot who really wants to wear layers? I love that fun suits are now available in all sizes. I knew exactly what I wanted: a long sleeved, full zippered bikini top preferably in a galaxy print. I searched high and low and could not find it for sale anywhere despite the vast selection of bikini tops online and in stores of all sizes I completely struck out.

I was hunting on etsy and found The Geek Garden via a friend liking one of her bathing suits. She had suits in the galaxy print I love (called black hole in her store) but nothing like the suit I wanted.  I sent her a message and asked if it was something she could make. She was highly professional and after a few exchanges we felt she had a good idea of what I wanted. It arrived just a few weeks after giving her my measurements. I am so impressed because our conversations we not very lengthy and the bikini top is exactly what I had imagined. It was also quite reasonably priced for a custom made item. I am now excited to go swimming and get out on the beach and paint in my new top! Check out The Geek Garden on etsy, on Facebook-thegeekgarden, and on on Instagram




One thought on “The Geek Garden

  1. This is amazing. To custom make something like this only from a few short conversations is definitely an artist creation.
    An artist’s work can mean a lot of things, this is one of them. Thank you for sharing.

    I have given your blog a shout out/acknowledgement in my latest post, to hopefully bring in some visitors. Absolutely no obligation for paying forward. Have a great day! 🙂


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