Another fun day of trees

I am really enjoying exploring birch trees in my current work. I grew up in New Hampshire and I was fascinated by trees even as a little girl.

I was outside walking around in the woods when ever I could be. Birch trees were my favorite because they are so different they stick out in any season, even at a distance.  Painting trees, I also think of my grandmother who lived next door. I remember sitting in her studio, watching her paint for hours. She was an amazing painter and used the local scenery in many of her paintings. When I study and paint birch trees it takes me back to those happy times.

I worked on the 5″x7″ Birch trees today. I completed one and moved a few others along. Decisions about frames are on the horizon for them.   I am very excited to start more in larger sizes soon. Below is the current progress of the day.

"Tranquil Day" 5"x7" mixed media on canvas panel
I completed the border/background on this one.

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