Not quite as little, Little Trees

I am working on some more trees, because that is my thing lately. You can  see what the trees below looked like last time I worked on them and others. *including the five I have recently finished here: Trees in Progress . I am taking these three fun birches below in a different direction than the ones I recently finished. I hope you enjoy them.

I may change the background on these, but I will decide after the trunks are all finished.

I am using a variety of different color mixes in each painting.

This was the last one I worked on before I decided to go to bed last night.

I always choose what colors I am going to work with before I set up. This prevents me from endangering my groove due to fumbling for colors while I’m on a roll.

What I'm working with: Titanium White, Yellow Orange Azo, Brilliant Yellow, Indo Red Orange, Cadmium Red Light hue, Naphthol Crimson, and Prussian Blue

I was just about to go to bed…

I really like the way it is breaking free from the background. It reminds me of how tree roots crack boulders and foundations if they are in the way.


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