Gathering Inspiration


I gather inspiration and possibilities by striving to learn more about all aspects of my chosen vocation: Painting.  Reading books, blogs, watching videos, visiting, museums, practicing and experimenting with my craft (or those of others) are the part of my process akin to collecting firewood.  What gives that fuel direction I get from the people around me. A conversation with a close friend, relative, aquaintence or often a chance encounter with a random stranger will produce the spark. People are one of my favorite subjects but even when my work isn’t of a human being it is a safe bet it was inspired by one.  Interacting with people ignites my creative fires, and a new collection is born.

What gets your creative fires started?


3 thoughts on “Gathering Inspiration

  1. I find inspiration in re-reading the classics (To Kill a Mockingbird, The Great Gatsby, Pride and Prejudice, etc.) and from reading fellow bloggers. And nature is always a source of great inspiration, especially waterfalls and the vivid colors of autumn leaves.


    1. I love reading as well, though I don’t get to for pleasure much anymore. I think I have to change that. Fall is my favorite season because of what you just mentioned. I think of the amazing colors of fall as natures apology for the cold to come lol.


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