Blog Name Origin

I wanted to start a artist blog but could not think of a title.  At this point in my life I am actively pursuing fine art as a career. I am not going to get into all the plans, charts, spread sheets and such that involves at this time. Let us just say there is a list and the list is kinda Huge. I was writing my second draft of The List and read 1.A.bullet 1: “All new body of work, multiple collections of 15-25+ congruent pieces.” Suddenly I felt overwhelmed and thought, “How am I going to ever do all those collections?” Then I laughed because what my Dad would say happen to pop into my mind. and knew I had my blog title.

He would say,  “Doing anything difficult is just like eating an elephant.” Then he would ask, “and how do you eat an elephant? ”  I would answer, “When eating an elephant take one bite at atime.”

* I believe the original quote is from Creighton Abrams, let me know if I have that wrong.

Feeling overwhelmed happens. Perhaps some people are born already awesome at it, but I certainly was not one of them. I had to learn (and sometimes I have to relearn) to beproductive regardless of what I may be feeling.


* Three works in progress from one of my current collections

How do you unwind from feeling overwhelmed?


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