Who the Heck Is Bunni Rose

5"x7" acrylic on canvas board.
5″x7″ acrylic on canvas board.

Hello, I am Bunni Rose. I’m also Jeanette, nice to meet you. Here is the story about all of that:

I set about bestowing animal pseudonyms on everyone when I was about five. I was inspired by my fathers penchant for coming up with cute woodland creature nicknames. Mine was Bunny and it stuck way better than anyone including myself thought it would. Around this same time is when I first asked Nana Rose(my grandmother on my Dads side) to teach me how to draw. My first drawing lesson is one of my oldest and fondest memories, but that will be a topic for another post.

Part of the reason my nickname stuck around is due to my Mom and I having the same first name. I remember once going for a tetanus shot and having the doctor say I didn’t need one and send me away. I then had to come back the next day because they realized they had just pulled the wrong chart. Unfortunately such things were common for us so going strictly by my nickname became an asset.

When I was thirteen I my parents got a sweet deal on a pretty extensive collection of liquitex artist quality acrylic paints. The hardware store where my mom and I were employed was discontinuing their art supply section and that liquidation sale became a turning point in my already ignited passion for art.

Nana came over that night and I painted my first painting with acrylics. I was awkward, clumsy, unskilled but I felt an electricity that enthralled me. I still have that painting, I whip it out sometimes to illustrate where I started from. Maybe there are people born with talent, but I surely was not one of them.

As I have gotten older the technology has advanced as well and grown into what in my opinion is the most versatile medium of endless possibilities. I could gush for hours on end about the color range, advances in pigments, acrylic inks, paint markers, spray, gel mediums, texture mediums not to mention the tools and accessories. I could go on and on and I’m sure I will in future posts.

Back on track now, I was drawing and painting when ever I could and I needed to sign my work. I changed the y to an i in Bunni so it looked more like a name and added Rose because as well as my middle name Rose is my grandmother who got me interested in art and taught me so much. I have signed all of my artwork up until this point Bunni Rose and in fact many people who know me but not well may not be aware that my name is Jeanette because Bunni is all I have used for over 25 years at this point.

I will always be Bunni Rose but moving forward I will be signing my work as Jeanette. My mom with whom I share a first name is organized, driven, and the definition of a go-getter. It is these qualities I want to enhance in my current direction, dealing with my art career as well in other aspects of my life.


One thought on “Who the Heck Is Bunni Rose

  1. Actually I think you were about 3. You were a Bunny because somebody whom we won’t name was a Raccoon. And of course I was a Bear but being my size that is understandable.

    I think it’s a good idea to try and channel some of your Mom’s organization.

    But I believe Nana would have an argument with you about talent and who has it. She told me so herself on more then one occasion. But also likes the idea that you are working to take it seriously as that always makes her smile.


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